Get 12% Interest By Lending Money To Strangers

Published on April 3, 2024

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Most of us have lent money to our friends at 0% interest rate.

As per my poll on Instagram, around 72% of you have not gotten your money back.

In banking terminology, it means that the money lent has become NPA.

⬇️ Tag those friends in the comment section below to let them know that they are an NPA.

🙇🏻‍♂️My suggestion – Do not lend money to friends especially if they are close friends. If you do, then assume it’s gone and don’t ask for it back. You do not want money to be the reason for breaking your friendship.

Money is important but not more important than your relationships

Naturally, most of us are not comfortable lending money to strangers at 0% interest rate.

I mean- Why would you?

How about if you get 9-12% interest rate. This kind of returns cross the jiggle territory.

Usually banks do this on your behalf. They take your money in a savings account and give it to businesses. They charge 12% to the business, give you 4% and keep the rest. They guarantee that your money will never be lost and even insure you up to 5 lakhs.

What if you want to lend it yourself?

That’s what P2P Lending (Peer to Peer lending) is all about.

Now you take all the risk. There is no insurance. But the returns are juicy.

This falls under the realm of alternate investment assets. Other investment options in this asset class are crypto, lease financing, venture capital, venture debt etc.

This asset class can be upto 10-15% of your portfolio because they are mostly delinked from stock market returns and act like a hedge.

Some of the companies in India offering P2P lending are: Cred Mint, BharatPe, RupeeCircle, LenDenClub and Finzy.

➡️Have you invested in P2P lending? Let me in the comment section below along with your experience (both good and bad)

Let us help each other know what platforms to avoid and what to trust since this is relatively new.
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How Do p2p Lending Companies Make Money

How Do p2p Lending Companies Make Money, Get 12% Interest By Lending Money To Strangers.

Getting Your Business The Finance It Needs

Folks always ask “what are the best short term investments?” and the answer is really quite simple. When it comes to Investments for beginners, one of the best ideas may be to create an investment portfolio.

Get 12% Interest By Lending Money To Strangers, Play top complete videos relevant with How Do p2p Lending Companies Make Money.

Social Lending: How To Find The Best Value Personal Loan With Bad Credit

While it’s a newer practice, it’s expected to grow in the coming years. This allows them to cut off risk while improving their returns. Your investments are important assets in your life. Your life seems richer for having experienced them.

A debt consolation loan is not a magic cure if the issues that brought you towards the necessity of taking one are not adequately dealt with. Simply put, if you are in debt because of reckless spending practices, a debt consolation loan is not the cure-all solution. It can be place you in a worst situation than before. Thus, it is better to stop and rethink about taking a debt consolation loan lest you simply end multiplying rather than curing your problems.

It has been said by financial planners that diversification is an essential aspect to investing. P2P Peer-to-peer lending investment helps provide just that. You are investing in a complete different asset class, consumer credit, as asset class that is not available in most traditional investments. In 2008, almost every asset class lost value, making investing traditionally a bigger risk. With peer to peer lending you are adding more diversification to your investment portfolio.

Record everything down in a notebook. Keep track of contact names and their contact information. Along with that keep your contacts updated on what is going on during this whole process.

Investors make money in bond funds in two different ways. First, they make money from the interest earned in the fund portfolio, in the form of dividends. Second, they make money when the share price of a fund goes up. Since the early 1980’s interest rates in the USA have been falling, and in 2012 they are at record lows. When rates fall bonds go up in price (value). That’s why bond funds have been such good investments. Period. Memorize Peer-to-peer lending that.

Some annuity Investments allow you the benefit of taking money out of your accumulated value prior to the payout period actually starting. Of course this reduces the value available to you when the program does reach the payout phase. If you withdraw all of your accumulated value of the annuity investment pool prior to the payout period, the contract is cancelled. You also need to know that taking any amount of money prior to the payout period you may be subjected to certain charges, such as “surrender charges”. The earlier you withdraw money from the funding pool, the more likely it is you will erode your investment long-term.

Bob, is more practical. More irresponsible and less weighed down by guilt and ego. Bob was heading down a similar path to Larry a few years back. Business ventures turned sour, credit cards maxed out, and the tax man came calling. Bob doesn’t do Lotto. incidentally he doesn’t do stress either. He reckons that life’s too short. Family life is pretty important too. He subscribes to the ‘just do it’ philosophy. He thinks ego is an expensive luxury. One day he assessed his financial situation, and decided that he had a choice to make. Become a slave to his lending institution? Become creatively impotent? Embrace a future of stress and feelings of hopelessness or abdicate responsibility?

Everything we do is an opportunity for personal growth. As you get better at integrating your business activities with who you are and your priority of values for the period of time that you are in, you will begin to see yourself operating your business in a superior new level of effectiveness and profitability.

However, there will be instances wherein you will need the bulk of the settlement right away. If possible, take the help of local attorney or tax preparer. Then, managing your investments will not be an issue at all.

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