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Published on June 24, 2023

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In this July 16, 2018 presentation to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Fixed Income Market Structure Advisory Committee (FIMSAC), BondSavvy founder Steve Shaw shows why investors in individual corporate bonds enjoy a higher level of transparency than investors in bond funds and ETFs. He shows how narrow bid-ask spreads have become for individual corporate bonds and the information available to investors to make successful individual corporate bond investments.

Steve then discusses a number of recommendations to further improve pre-trade transparency for US corporate bonds, including: 1) modifying how FINRA presents historical prices in corporate bond historical price charts, 2) adding credit spreads to FINRA TRACE price graphs, 3) educating investors on why bonds should often be sold prior to maturity, 4) reflecting market prices rather than evaluated prices on client brokerage statements, and 5) educating investors on the pros and cons of investing in individual corporate bonds vs. bond funds and ETFs.

During the course of Steve’s presentation, he refers to a comment letter BondSavvy submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission that can be found here:


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Can Individual Investors Buy Corporate Bonds

Can Individual Investors Buy Corporate Bonds, Corporate Bond Market for Individual Investors – US || BondSavvy.

Investing 101: A Beginners’ Guide To Investing Safely

Instead, assembled a well balanced and varied financial investment portfolio. Financial obligation can be a time or a tool bomb. You are buying what has decreased and selling what has actually gone up!

Corporate Bond Market for Individual Investors – US || BondSavvy, Explore most shared complete videos related to Can Individual Investors Buy Corporate Bonds.

Shared Funds – The Foundation Of Your 401K

Bail bonds representatives actually supply a really important service to society. Now when I state “bonds” here, I am discussing whatever from Individual Bonds, to bond funds and bond ETFs.

Ever hear the expression: “Economic experts have predicted 15 out of the last 5 economic downturns?” Eventually they will be best however when? As an investor, when should you really listen to them? If you rebalance your portfolio from time to time, the secret is you do not have to.

Yes, financier belief is a contrary indicator when it reaches extremes in one instructions or the other, the market typically moving contrary to what the bulk anticipates.

The concern now becomes whether the actions assured will be enough this time to lastly contain the eurozone debt crisis. They seem to be significant. However then, each previous action needed to be higher than the one Individual Bonds before, as each stopped working to work.

Throughout the late summertime and into fall, many leading analysts suggested that the domestic stock exchange was a much better investment than the domestic bond market. This includes Individual Bonds like Warren Buffet, James Paulson and Alan Greenspan. Their general assertion was that the results of the loose monetary policy put in location to offer liquidity and jump- begin the economy was holding interest rates at synthetically low levels. Therefore, the risk premium, which compares investing in bonds versus stocks, had swung in favor of equities. The 4th quarter has plainly proven this to be correct with the stock market up 9% up until now in Q4 while the 30yr. Treasury bond has declined more than 9.5% in cost.

Expected Individual Bonds Return is the amount of interest, dividends or capital gains that you expect to earn from your investment. The higher the anticipated return, the greater the threat.

A lot of the truths that appear on a sports test involve the records set by a sports team or by individual gamers of a sport, to start with, the NFL. Much has actually been made lately of the return of Brett Favre to the game, so some great trivia could be all the records he holds. Favre has the records for a lot of profession pass efforts, conclusions, the majority of passing lawns, the majority of seasons of 3000 yards or more, led the league in passing goals a record 4 years, most passing goals career, and, also the most career interceptions thrown. For a group record, take the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team that has actually won the most Very Bowls, consisting of the most current one.

The bottom line is that we have actually seen bonds suffer obstacles prior to, however extremely hardly ever has turbulence in the bond markets result in significant decreases in diversified portfolios. However, having bonds in your property mix has constantly lowered volatility throughout rough times in the equity markets. This trade-off of simply too attractive to miss.

Well, if you have actually got some money you ‘d better discover to put it to work. We should take a look at the market as an entity with a mind of its own it is neither for you nor versus you.

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