P2P Lending In A Crisis – What I'm Doing (Platforms Respond)

Published on September 15, 2023

New full videos highly rated Investment Choices, Investment Strategy, and Does p2p Lending Work, P2P Lending In A Crisis – What I'm Doing (Platforms Respond).

Many of you asked me how I feel about P2P lending in light of recent events and if I changed my strategy. We’ll also take a look at how platforms and loan originators are reacting to the crisis. Links below!

My Investments in P2P Lending:
πŸ“Œ Viainvest (10€ bonus): https://p2p.yt/viainvest
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πŸ“Œ Robocash (1% bonus): https://p2p.yt/robocash
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πŸ“Œ Mintos: https://p2p.yt/mintos
πŸ’° P2P Bonus Offers & Conditions: ​​https://p2pinvesting.eu/p2p-bonus-offers

My Investments in ETFs & Stocks:
πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Best, Low-cost Broker for most Europeans: https://p2p.yt/degiro How to: https://youtu.be/fNYoAPm6vhc
πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Free Brokers for Stocks & ETFs (Germany & Austria only!): https://p2p.yt/etfs

My (Speculative) Investments in Digital Currencies:
πŸš€ Bitpanda: https://p2p.yt/bitpanda

Free Bank accounts I use:
🏦 My wife and I use N26 daily for groceries & when we travel: https://p2p.yt/n26
🏦 German bank account with free worldwide ATM withdrawals and unique features: https://p2p.yt/bitwala

Investor Toolkit:
🏠 All my investments and accounts: https://p2pinvesting.eu/investor-toolkit

Video breakdown:
– How my ETFs are performing vs. P2P Lending in 2020
– Can Peer to Peer Lending make sense in this market environment (recession)?
– Which loans are probably the riskiest right now and which ones are likely better? + My Strategy
– Changes to my Mintos Auto Invest and things to look out for on the Secondary Market
– Iuvo Group: Performance, loan originators (financial statements) and Iuvo’s response
– Lendermarket: Why Creditstar may have an advantage, the CEO’s response, Auto Invest changes (higher interest rates)
– Grupeer’s response
– Swaper’s financial results, crisis response and interest rate increase
– Bondora: Financial statements, loan statistics and the CEO’s response
– Crowdestor: Why these loans are hit the hardest right now, the platform’s statement and what it means for investors
– Viainvest: Financial Statements, experience and why I’m confident in the VIA SMS Group

Please pay attention regarding Grupeer! https://p2pinvesting.eu/grupeer

πŸ“– Links:
ExploreP2P Article: https://bit.ly/2y05VQp
Mintos LO announcements: https://blog.mintos.com/with-updates-lending-companies-addresses-for-investors-and-clients/
Iuvo Group’s response: https://www.iuvo-group.com/en/originators-pandemic-update/
CEO response: https://bit.ly/3ae8AEq
Grupeer’s statement: https://www.grupeer.com/blog/grupeer-statement-on-the-current-situation/
Bondora’s financial statements: https://support.bondora.com/hc/en-us/articles/213705749-Financial-performance-of-Bondora-Group
Bondora statistics: https://www.bondora.com/en/public-statistics?ref=BO52A5947
Viainvest (VIA SMS Group): https://viasmsgroup.com/investor-relations (financial statements)

Martins Sulte (Mintos CEO) Webinar: https://youtu.be/DYje6py7r7E
P2P Lending Income February (My Thoughts On Grupeer): https://youtu.be/NyIwzGFDXpg
All You Need to Know About ETFs (My ETF Strategy): https://youtu.be/fNYoAPm6vhc
Lendermarket Review – My Experience so far (+ Auto Invest): https://youtu.be/70mfn-DejgY
230.000€ In P2P Lending? Investment Portfolio Update with Bernhard Hummel: https://youtu.be/o2zc_vZteWY
My Entire Investment Portfolio (It’s Not Just P2P Lending): https://youtu.be/DjjmJh941gg
How To Track Your Peer to Peer Lending Investments with Portfolio Performance: https://youtu.be/t0A0iAiqIPY
Swaper Review (+ Viainvest): https://youtu.be/xKm97Lf3CDU

Useful links:
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🌍 My website/blog: https://p2pinvesting.eu
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Some of the links are affiliate links that I may get a kickback from, which helps support me and the YouTube channel. I only link to services I use and am convinced of myself, none of them are sponsored.

Disclaimer: I am only sharing my own experience. I’m not a financial advisor and you should always do your own research and due diligence before investing. Investing involves risk of losses.

Does p2p Lending Work

Does p2p Lending Work, P2P Lending In A Crisis – What I'm Doing (Platforms Respond).

Stay Solvent With A $50K Unsecured Bad Credit Personal Loan

This means that real estate values would have to drop by half before your principal investment would be at risk.
Ibbotson’s also is suggesting having a percentage of your investment assets into an annuitizable asset.

P2P Lending In A Crisis – What I'm Doing (Platforms Respond), Find latest videos relevant with Does p2p Lending Work.

How To Get A Loan After A Bankruptcy

It is often considered to be one of finest vintage wines from the 20th century. Such funds may be good investments from the salesman’s point of view, but not so if you are the investor. Finally, in March, XYZ is worth $20, so you buy five shares.

Many people think that they are good at managing their money. Experts also say that when they ask their clients, most of them are emphatic that they have made the right investments. This may be because they may be getting reasonably fair returns from the investments they have made. But, they do not know that things may not remain the same always. Only when a financial crisis occurs, these investors will realize that whatever “right” investment decisions they have made were wrong choices.

First, you don’t need to have millions of dollars to start investing. You can use other people’s money, and you’ll get paid accordingly. For example instead of starting with per month with your own money you can get a client that has MILLIONS in their portfolio and Peer-to-peer lending investment you would get paid commissions on Millions instead of a few hundred bucks.

Record everything down in a notebook. Keep track of contact names and their contact information. Along with that keep your contacts updated on what is going on during this whole process.

The major idea with Peer-to-peer lending is that you will usually find lower rates plus you avoid much of the complications that occur when you go through a bank. “P to P” lending is not a haven for those with bad credit or those seeking to avoid scrutiny; but it might be something to get your started.

Mutual funds are still the best Investments for the vast majority of people because they manage investment assets for the investor in all of the above categories and more. When you invest in funds you are diversified within the fund. By investing money in each of the fund categories above you are diversified across the asset classes as well. The end result is a well balanced investment portfolio. The advantage: when one asset class goes out of favor, another can pick up the slack and work to offset losses with gains.

Why is this so? This is because some investments will fail at times. The good news is, your other investments will prosper. You can thank your strategy for buying investments that are different altogether in terms of their returns. This increases your chances of earning a net profit, in a bigger picture.

You need to plan on your future income and you must make sure your future income is protected from inflation. This is one reason why I like the new For-life living benefits on annuities. These types of benefits allow you up to 5% withdrawals for the rest of your life. They also allow you to step-up your base benefit, so if the market goes up in value so can your income. The For-life living benefit can provide you with current income and income in the future, unlike any other investment you could make. The best part is that you never have to annuitize a For-Life benefit.

This increases your chances of earning a net profit, in a bigger picture. Such funds may be good investments from the salesman’s point of view, but not so if you are the investor. In Micro financiers and a small web company called Kiva.

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