10 Best Stocks To Own For Life

Published on January 6, 2024

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My list of the 10 best stocks to buy and hold for life.
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2 years ago I made a video about the top 7 stocks that pay you money and in that video I talked about the best dividend stocks that you can own forever. But in today’s video I wanted to share with you my top 10 best stocks if I had $1,000 to invest with and someone forced me to pick 10 stocks and I needed to create a portfolio today. This is what I would do.

10. Amazon is now valued over 1.6 trillion dollars and if I only had $1,000 – it would be very tempting not to put all of that in this stock, but we want to be diversified so I’d put in $100 of my $1,000. Now for me, this is a stock I’m going to probably load up on relatively soon and put in $50k to $100k, it’s been a long time coming, I’ve been looking at this stock and I’m like when do I buy this thing? It doesn’t go down. So for me, this will be a very long term investment for the next 10 to 20 years from now, there is no way this company isn’t worth double or triple what it is today. And because their quarterly earnings didn’t impress the analysts – the stock finally dropped so now might be a good time to buy.

9. Johnson and Johnson. This is a pharmaceutical company. I’ve owned Johnson and Johnson since 2014, I bought shares when it was just under $100 and they’ve been a powerhouse of passive income and one of the things that interested me the most about it is that I heard it was a dividend aristocrat (a stock that has been paying dividends, passive income, to investors for at least 25 years in a row without interrupting and without stopping) Johnson and Johnson has done not just 25 years, but 58 years without a dividend cut.

8. Tesla. More than just a tech company it’s a car company, it’s a tech company that will most likely play a huge role in not only the tech space but the energy space and potentially the finance space as well. Tesla owns Solar City, they install solar roof panels, they sell cars, they have powerful battery technology, they have arguably the most advanced self driving product on the market with the most integrated charging platform in the world and in the future I think Elon and Tesla will integrate cryptocurrency into their pipeline as well. According to Morningstar the fair price is $570.

7. Disney. An innovation powerhouse. Their latest product – the Disney Plus streaming platform has been a huge revenue maker for them. They got over 95 million subscribers on the Disney Plus platform in the first 14 months. In just a year and two months they were able to beat their 4 year goal. Their new 4 year goal is to hit a quarter of a billion subscribers by 2024.

6. Google. In 2015 they reported a second quarterly earnings of 17.7 billion dollars. Just recently, they reported a revenue of 61.9 billion dollars just 6 years later which is also 62% higher than the second quarter of last year when the pandemic happened. Just for context, there are 2 billion people on YouTube right now, that is 26% of the entire world’s population that uses YouTube and that number will continue to grow.

5. Facebook. Facebook owns FB marketplace, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram and they’re launching their own cryptocurrency called Diem and The Metaverse which is virtual reality sort of like in Ready Player One. Like them or not, Facebook has an insane amount of potential in the future even when factoring the risk of regulation. They have so much valuable data and there’s anyone that will compete with Google in the future, it will be Facebook. The share price is trading at slightly below fair value which may be a good time to buy in.

4. KO Coca Cola! A Warren Buffett favorite and Warren Buffett proves that drinking Coca Cola doesn’t affect your longevity. Like Johnson and Johnson they’ve they are a dividend aristocrat that have been paying their shareholders dividends for 58 years in a row. Their payout ratio is 74% but their dividend safety score is still 80 which is solid.

Watch the video for the top 3 stocks!

*None of this is meant to be construed as investment advice, it’s for entertainment purposes only. Links above include affiliate commission or referrals. I’m part of an affiliate network and I receive compensation from partnering websites. The video is accurate as of the posting date but may not be accurate in the future.

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What Are the Best Individual Stocks to Buy, 10 Best Stocks To Own For Life.

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Historically it has balanced 11% each year. Individuals can generate income in stocks and funds at any age. SilverCrest Mines – a crucial thing to think about when investing is whether the silver stock company really mines.

A lot of people who purchase the stock exchange wish to understand it better. Others are hesitant to leap in because it looks like an intricate netherworld where anything can happen – and not always great things! Naturally, one of the most basic methods to invest is to put your money in a shared fund or ETF, and just walk away. That method can work, and it’s the method endorsed by many a personal financing blogger. But what if you wish to assign a particular portion of your portfolio to private stocks? Or you just enjoy playing the market with cash you’ve set aside for that function?

I utilize just exchange traded funds(ETF’s). ETF’s have the very best qualities of both mutual funds and Individual Stocks. An ETF can consist of hundreds of stocks, similar to a shared fund. Trading ETF’s is far less unpredictable than trading a specific stock. You merely can’t trade a mutual fund like a stock. ETF’s are funds, however they trade much like a specific stock.

To be truthful, investing money in stocks is quite dangerous. In truth, it has actually been lined up as one of the high-risk financial investments. The trading volume of these stocks is usually low. Huge time investors are not prone to land in stocks; one of the significant reasons that stocks are being frowned is that, the business that use it; normally, have restricted money and resources, which is bad. However, excellent penny stocks still exist.

Ask yourself, does this company have adequate cash on hand to make these dividend payments? Also inspect and see if the business is creating strong cash circulation. Individual Stocks If their money circulation numbers are looking weak, then the dividend is clearly in jeopardy.

Second, charts represented the only visual, factual record of a stock’s movement that was not filtered through Individual Stocks some financial news analyst or stock market master.

The worth of a stock’s or an index’s trading volume is not significant unless we compare it to the previous periods to see it’s modification gradually. The Wall Street Journal and other financial documents list a stocks trading volume for the day. This works however it can be cumbersome to mentally track a stocks trading volume over a period of time. Investors Business Daily’s stock tables have a valuable feature which is noting the stocks daily trading volume as a portion of its 50 day typical volume. Utilizing this you can quickly look through the stock tables and see which stocks are being built up.

Everybody has an edge in home investing. It is bied far from your parents. You naturally understands how to poke around from the kitchen to the garage and ask the right question. You can drive around the neighborhood and see the number of houses are being sold and what is being refurbished. Further, prior to you make a deal of the home, you employ lots of many experts to look for termites, roofing system leak, piping, electrical wiring, cracks and others. Think of that with purchasing stocks. Some stock investors even invest more time clipping vouchers for grocery than finding a great stock financial investment.

The truth about this statement is that long-lasting financial investments are best for the huge majority of investors. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is made up of just 30 selected stocks. Lead has a lot of these kinds of ETF’s.

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